Tent Sites

From the first-time tent camper to the most experienced camper, you will find our sites perfect. Surrounded by tall timber you feel as if you are miles from civilization. However, you are only steps from a shower house, laundry and flushing toilets. In fact, many of our tent sites have electricity and water available (although it may be hidden by bushes). A back country feel with the convenience of civilization.

In the event your stay includes a little rain, head down to the roomie rec hall and bring your cards, board game, or a good book.

All of our tent sites come with a fire pit, picnic table and access to conveniently located showers and toilets.

Check out the sidebar for tips on making your stay even more enjoyable.

Helpful Tip: Selecting where to place your tent

Experienced campers know how to select where to place their tent just by looking at it. Mainly because they have gained their experience by making mistakes. Here are a few tips to improve your experience.

  1. Look at overhead trees for dead wood. If there is a dead branch stay away from it, as it could snap at any time without warning.
  2. Look for higher ground. Do not place the tent in a low spot in the event of rain. You have not experienced camping until you have water running through your tent.
  3. Inspect the ground first by looking for roots from trees, as they can not be picked up and moved. Clear the area of all sticks and rocks. Lay out your ground cloth and lay down on it. If you are not comfortable, correct or move your location before setting up your tent.
  4. If you end up on a slope, sleep parallel with the slope with your head on the higher side.

Helpful Tip: Marshmallow Sticks

How many of us purchase the small twisted wire marshmallow sticks because we just don’t want to store longer sticks. You could go out and purchase retractable forks, but they are not cheap. Here is a trick that will turn those small sticks into long handled sticks, that you will not burn yourself with. Purchase a few 3/8” dowels from the building center. Cut the twisted wire sticks off right after the handle where it starts to twist. Drill a hole in the end of the dowel slightly smaller than the twisted wire. Insert the wire into the new handle and you have a much longer stick. If the hole was drilled a little large use a little epoxy and it will not come loose.

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