A-J Acres consists of over 150 acres of wooded old growth forest and located on the beautiful sandy beach of environmentally protected Lake Dallas. We are a family oriented campground with something for the entire family, no matter what your style of camping. From our wilderness tent sites to our full service pull-thru RV sites, there is a natural beauty that only we can provide. Enjoy a day of hiking, fishing from our pier or large selection of boats, swimming from our sandy beach, a game of volley ball or horseshoes, boating to Lake Felges, or just relaxing in your campsite among the tall trees. If that is not enough, stop by our office and we would be more than happy to direct you to one of the hundreds of local attractions in the area.

Large groups are welcomed at our campground. Use of our large recreational hall is free for campers and paid guests of our campers. Please make a reservation to guarantee it will be available for your party. Check out our Events page to see what we have arranged for you that is extra fun. If it happens to rain during your stay, grab your favorite board game and head down to the rec hall to challenge your fellow campers.

Check out our convenience store right at the campground. The store is fully loaded to minimize the effect when you forget to bring something from home. Choices from live bait, campfire snacks like Smores, canned goods, Ice cream, pop, candy, popcorn, and pizza cooked in our pizza oven. If you don’t see what you need, just ask us.

Camping Helpful Tips

The tires on your RV / trailer and tow vehicle are the most vulnerable component affected by overloading. Campers tend to stuff comforts into every open space. Proper tire maintenance and inflation can make or break your trip.

First of all is tire inflation. All vehicles from the most expensive coaches to the car the tent camper uses, has weight and tire inflation ratings listed by the manufacturer. Follow them. The rating listed on the sidewall of the tire is a max rating and may be higher than the design rating for the vehicle. Use a good tire gage stored outside the conditioned space of your vehicle. Tire gages will give false readings unless they are the same temp as the surrounding air. Check the tires before you drive, as the tires will heat up and change the pressure.

Worse than incorrect pressure in the tires, is over weighing the vehicle. Check the whole weight of the vehicle and if possible, check each corner. Many people over pack only one side creating an imbalance of the vehicle. This will make one tire wear more than the others and create a difficulty in steering.

We at A-J Acres want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip, both to and from our community. Drive safe and buckle-up.

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Please visit our Contact Us page to ask us a question. Click here to make an online Reservation or call us at 320-558-2847.

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