Back-in Camping Sites

You are surrounded by tall timber at these sites. Water and electricity are conveniently located in the best possible location for parking your rig. Some even have sewer hookups available. All are located a short walk to very clean bathrooms, showers and laundry. Play grounds are nearby, and the beach offers swimming, boating of all kinds and a fishing pier that is just a little farther. Don’t forget we have a free dump station on site.

Helpful Tip:

Water at most campgrounds is safe to drink but may contain some sediment that alters the flavor slightly. At A-J Acres we minimize this by flushing the fresh water supply lines each spring. For even better tasting water, run the water before hooking the supply to your camper for at least one minute.

To further minimize the flavor issue, replace your supply each year with a hose made for drinking water. During the off season hoses will form deposits from water left in them, affecting the flavor. Drinking water hoses are available at any camping supply store. DO NOT use a regular garden hose as many are made of substandard materials.

Another great method for better tasting water is to add an inline water filter. Many RV centers have these in stock. For a lower cost approach, purchase a whole house water filter at your local building supply store.

 These are inexpensive and replacement filters are only a few dollars. You can mount this inside your camper right after the intake. Make sure you have the room to change filters. You may also, by adding a few plumbing fittings and a small length of drinking water hose, make this an inline (outside the rig) water filter. The building supply center where you purchased your water filter will help you assemble this. Using only plastic or brass fittings connect the output side of the filter to a male hose connector. This will allow you to attach your new length of drinking water hose to your camper. On the input side attach a hose barb and a pipe clamp. When you get home cut off about 3 feet of your old drinking water hose from the female end. Slip the cut end over the hose barb and tighten down on the pipe clamp. You are done now and you can attach the filter to the water supply and your camper to the filter. Filters must remain upright to work properly, so place the filter in a small bucket to keep it up right or purchase a traffic cone cut the top off and slip the filter inside. Just remember that each time you disconnect the filter completely, drain the filter and disconnect the camper hose from it. Buy new filters cartages each year.

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