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Maps Vs. Google Maps Vs. GPS

Paper Maps have been the main stay of navigation by travelers long before electricity was discovered. In some extent will remain the backbone of navigation for many years to come. Often paper maps will have more points of interests listed on your route than other forms of navigation. Suggested tips for handling maps

  • Make sure your map is up to date.
  • Take them out before you get in the vehicle and familiarize yourself with the route.
  • Fold the map so that you can easily see without unfolding much of the days travel itinerary.
  • Highlight route if unfamiliar and circle points of interests.

Google Maps is quickly replacing the standby paper map. You can enter the address into the web site and out pops a map to get you to your destination. It may lack some points of interests but makes up for it on its price – it’s free. Listed below are a few suggestions for use:

  • Print out not only the maps you need but also print out the driving directions. Often listed on them is not only the number of miles before the next turn but the time it takes. Have you ever been asked by the riders in the back seat “How much further?”
  • Insert each page into a clear sheet protector and place in a 3 ring binder. Now you have them in the order you need them and they are protected from accidental spills that make the ink run.
  • Verify if possible the end location on the map is the actual location.

Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally designed and built for the military. President Reagan released it for civilian use in 1984 after the Soviet Union downed a civilian flight bound for Korea that wandered into Soviet airspace due to a faulty auto pilot. The transportation industry took full use of it and installed it on commercial airplanes and ocean going vessels. Recently, the price of that technology has decreased so that now many travelers can afford to own such a device giving them door to door driving directions. Listed below are a few suggestions for use:

  • Familiarize yourself with the unit and preprogram routes before leaving the driveway.
  • Update maps for the GPS units when they become available.
  • If battery operated keep an extra set of batteries with you.
  • Verify mounting laws in the states you travel. Some do not allow you to install the unit on the dash or window.
  • When parked disconnect and secure in vehicle. Thieves look for these devices when breaking into cars.

Whichever method you choose to navigate your way to our campground, feel free to call us for directions. We want you to arrive stress free and able to enjoy your stay with us.

Please visit our Contact Us page to ask us a question. Click here to make an online Reservation or call us at 320-558-2847.

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